How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up for an Energy Audit

It only costs $100 to get an energy audit. We say “only” because getting an audit results in people saving an average of $230 per year on their energy bills! So it’s less of a cost and more of an investment.

Once you sign up, we’ll call or email you to set up a time for our energy experts to perform your audit.

Step 2: Conducting The Energy Audit

A professional assessor will come to your home and perform a thorough audit and show you exactly where and how your home is wasting energy. Our expert will prepare a full report for you detailing more ways to save energy, save money and further improve your home.

Step 3: Home Improvements

Suggested improvements can range from small (making sure all windows are closed tightly) to big (installing a new furnace). Our team gives you recommendations, and any upgrades that you would make are entirely up to you.

Rebates and financing make it easy to make any home improvements you choose. Depending on your utility provide, you may be eligible for rebates, and we’ll even file the paperwork! Or, if you have a dream project, we could help with up to $20,000 in financing, with rates as low as 0% APR! Get the details.

Step 4: Enjoy Comfortable Savings

Not only will an energy audit help make your home more efficient, it will also make it more comfortable, so you can enjoy the savings! Every little thing you upgrade, from insulation to your water heater, can have a huge effect on your energy bill. So kick back and watch the meter slow down.


We've got specially qualified, trusted contractors available to provide you with an energy audit for only $100 - over $250 off the regular price. Then you'll get access to the rebates and financing available in your area. But the program may come to a close any month now, so sign-up while you can.

While the federal BetterBuildings for Michigan program ended in 2013, we will make sure that everyone in Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw or Wayne Counties that wants a reduced cost energy audit for $100 will get an appointment.